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HVAC FAQs, Alexander City, AL

A thorough understanding of your air conditioning and heating system requires training, experience, and expertise. As specialists in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, we can help answer all your questions and queries. Here are some answers to recurring questions.

How Often Does My HVAC Require Maintenance?

We recommend servicing your HVAC twice annually – once for the heating system and once for the air conditioning unit. Check your heating unit during summer and your cooling unit in spring. Our Advanced Heating and Air Conditioning technicians can schedule each service before the seasons change.

How Do I Know Which HVAC System is Right For My Home?

Before purchasing an HVAC system, have a certified HVAC technician evaluate your home. They will recommend a suitable heating and air conditioning unit depending on your home size, heating and cooling requirements, environment, and installation work needed.

Why Are Parts Of My House Still Warm When The Air Conditioner is Running?

It is not fun having a malfunctioning AC in the middle of Alabama’s heat season. Several factors affect your AC unit from evenly cooling your room.

  • A dirty air filter – restricts airflow into the AC for cooling. Therefore, not enough cool air will circulate in your home.
  • Air leaks and poor insulation – can make your home feel hot even with a running air conditioner because the cool air quickly escapes outside.
  • Closed vents – decrease the air pressure, forcing the cool air generated by the AC to escape on crevices, windows, and doors. Blocked vents also overwork your AC, limiting its effectiveness.
  • Open windows – release cooled air outside and let in the unbearable Alabama summer heat.

Our technicians will inspect your air conditioning unit to establish the cause behind the uneven warming and fix the problem(s).

What is Causing Uneven Heating in My HVAC?

Uneven heating in your home can occur because of restricted airflow between the vents and the furnace. The limited hot air supply can come from leaks or poorly installed ductwork, letting in dust and pests that limit air supply. Poor insulation also creates air leaks, interfering with heat distribution in your house.

Leaks also increase your HVAC’s energy consumption rate and let in excess moisture in your home. Our technicians inspect and clean vents, change filters, assess your HVAC for leaks, and provide repairs during each maintenance session.

How Do I Know My House Has Poor Insulation Issues?

The first telltale sign of a poorly insulated house is heat fluctuations from one room to the next. Your heating and cooling unit will work well in areas where the insulation is strong and effective and remain unregulated in rooms with weak to no insulation because the cold or warm air escapes and the elements sip through your house. Call us to assess the insulation condition of your home.

How Can I Make My HVAC Unit Energy Efficient?

Fuel costs are skyrocketing all over the world. It is a smart move to want to reduce your energy expenditure. One cost-effective way to keep your energy consumption low is through ongoing system maintenance. At Advanced Heating and Air Conditioning, we service HVAC systems twice every year. Servicing lets us identify problems, make repairs, and know the status of your heating and cooling system before potential issues become financial burdens.

Does a Gas Furnace Use Electricity?

Although a gas furnace primarily uses gas fuel, some components, like the fan motor, circuit board, and igniter, require electricity for heating. Without electricity, the gas valve will remain shut as a safety measure, meaning you will not be able to operate the furnace. You may need a backup generator to shield you from the coldest part of winter.

How Long Will an HVAC Last?

A new HVAC system can serve you for 10 to 15 years with adequate maintenance. It loses its shelf life with neglect because some components work harder while others break down from wear and tear. It costs less to schedule regular maintenance with Advanced Heating and Air Conditioning than to replace an entire system.

How Often Should I Replace My HVAC Filters?

Air filters affect airflow and the quality of air entering your home. Clogged filters are a source of bacteria and mold infestation and dust accumulation. It also makes your HVAC consume more fuel to generate sufficient energy to heat or cool your home.

We recommend replacing your filters after every three months for Alabama residents because of the hot and dry climate most of the year. If you have pets or live with people with allergies or respiratory conditions, consider changing your filters after 45 to 60 days because of the fur, allergens, and microbes that clog up the vents every so often.

Where Can I Find Certified HVAC technicians in Alexander City, AL?

Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning LLC is your designated HVAC expert in Alexander City, Auburn, Opelika, and the surrounding areas. We are familiar with Alabama weather patterns and climates and know the heating and cooling requirements for properties in this region. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment or request our services.