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The hot and humid summers in Alexander City, AL, mean you use your air conditioning system day and night for comfort. If your air conditioning system isn’t efficient, your utility bills could be much higher than they should be. Keep in mind these three signs that your air conditioner is inefficient.

Insufficient Cooling

Your air conditioner should have enough cooling power to make a significant difference in your home’s temperature after just a few cycles. When there’s barely a change in the temperature, your air conditioner could be inefficient. If your air conditioner constantly turns on and off, it might not have the right cooling capacity. The frequent cycling leads to high utility bills. The air conditioner may also have a refrigerant leak, which decreases its ability to transfer heat out of your home. An air conditioner leak requires a professional AC repair.

Clogged Filter

A dirty air filter makes your air conditioner inefficient. According to The Department of Energy, a dirty air filter wastes about 15 percent of the cooled air produced by your air conditioner. The clogged filter allows more dust and other particles to pass into each room. This leads to poor indoor air quality and could worsen allergies or asthma. Check the filter monthly, and replace it when it’s dirty.

Poor Humidity Control

High indoor humidity is another sign of an inefficient air conditioning system. Air conditioners both cool and dehumidify the air. With each cooling cycle, the system condenses moisture out of your home’s air. The humidity becomes water, and it drains away through the condensate line. If your air conditioner isn’t removing moisture from your home’s air, your skin will feel clammy.

To learn more about the signs of an inefficient air conditioning system, check out Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC’s air conditioning services, or call us for additional information.