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The average daily high temperature in Opelika, AL in the summertime is 82ºF, so it is important to make sure your AC unit is functioning properly. To beat the heat, you may need to tune up or even replace your unit. This being said, many homeowners are unsure of whether they should repair or replace an AC unit when the time comes.

This is what you should consider when deciding to repair or replace your AC unit.


The first thing to take into consideration when deciding whether to repair or replace is the age of your unit. Most air conditioners last about 10-15 years. If your air conditioner is older than 10 years, then it may be a better idea to replace it. 

If your air conditioner is newer, then it might be worth it to call a technician and get your system repaired.

Most air conditioners will have the installation date on the front of the unit. If you can’t find this on your unit, then call the manufacturer to get the manufacturing date of your unit.


If your safety is compromised, then it is time to replace an AC unit. If your air conditioner emits carbon dioxide or is a fire hazard, then it is time for a full replacement. You should never risk the safety of your family when it comes to your HVAC system.


It is important to make sure you are comfortable in your own home. If your air doesn’t feel right to you, then there is likely a problem. Look out for signs that your air conditioner is inefficient, such as insufficient cooling, clogged filters, or poor humidity control. 

Most of these issues are easily fixable with a few small repairs. A professional technician can help fix any leaks, clean your condensate line, or change your filter. 


Freon is a gas that is used as a refrigerant in air-conditioning units. The federal government is phasing out freon as a way to protect the ozone layer. Therefore, if your unit runs on Freon, then it is probably a good time to consider replacing your unit.

Manufacturers are now required to use refrigerants that will not damage the ozone layer. This is great for the environment, and also for your energy bills. Newer air conditioner units are made to conserve energy and will therefore save you money on energy usage.

Repair Frequency

If your AC unit is constantly breaking down, then repairing it may not be worth it anymore. You should not be spending more money on repairs than on an AC unit replacement.

Investing in a new unit can save you money in the long run by reducing the frequency that you need to call an HVAC technician.

Do You Need to Repair or Replace an AC Unit?

In the end, the call is yours to make, but you can be guided in the right direction by a professional HVAC specialist. The experts here at Advanced Heating and Cooling are ready to handle any and all of your heating and cooling needs.

If you think that you may need to repair or replace an AC unit, then give us a call today and one of our experts will assist you immediately.